Friday, November 8, 2013

Reversible Ribs

Reversible Ribs


*2 colors of Worsted weight yarn- I used Gala Worsted found at Odd Lots (about 1 oz of each color)

*Size 8 circular needles

*Size 8 DPNS

*1 stitch marker

With A CO 80 stitches and placing marker to indicate the start of the round Knit 1 row in the round -set up row- as *K1 P1*

1- With color B- *K1 below, purl 1 *repeat to end of row

2- With Color A- *K1, purl 1 below (as shown below)* repeat to end of row

Repeat rows 1-2. Knit to 8 inches, ending after row 2 and start decreases. You can knit longer for a slouchy hat, you can also lengthen the decreasing process, but to make it easy I wrote it in 2 rows.
*Note* you will need to knit tightly and carry both yarns when decreasing to make it reversible, as follows:

*With B k2tog (while maintaining the Knit 1 below)(holding A in back)
*With A purl next 2 stitches together (holding B in front)

*repeat around until the end of the row. You will probably need to switch to DPNs.
*Next row of decreases- you should have alternating colors on your needles now so you won't need to knit the stitch below
* slide 1st stitch. With B K2tog- holding A in back, With A p2tog holding B in front
cut a tail of both colors and thread them through the remaining stitches. tie off and weave in ends.