Friday, November 25, 2011

Mountain Man bearded cap


size 8 circular needles, size 8 DPNs

CO 80 st join in round and knit 1 purl 1 (1x1 rib) for 2.5 inches

continue in Stockinette until 9.5 inches or desired length- I wanted a stocking cap look and made it tall

decrease- knit 10 PM continue all the way around

next round- knit 8 k2tog move marker- repeat for remaining stitches

continue knitting and decreasing before marker until you have 3 stitches between each marker

k3tog, move marker, repeat to the end of the row

with remaining 8 stitches break yarn and weave through stitches pulling tight.


Size 8 needles

CO 45 stitches

K1P1 for three rows

knit 16 BO13 knit 16 to end

knit 16 CO13 knit 16- 45 STS AGAIN

knit until 2 inches from the cast on edge- or until it covers the side of your face and BO 5 stitches at beginning, knit until end

turn, BO5 stitches knit until end

knit for 1/2 inch or desired length covering side of jaw- BO 5 stitches and knit until end

turn BO5 knit until end

knit another 1/2 inch or until desired length covering chin and BO all stitches

whip stitch to hat at fold on brim in desired location


Cut 6- (or more for a thicker mustache) stands of yarn- I made mine 12 inches long- and braid. whip stitch on to upper lip portion of beard.

ok- to answer Amanda's question (for some reason it it not letting me post a reply) I would cast on 60-72 stitches for a toddler's hat depending on how big the head is, but I don't know how many for the mustache, I would measure from the back of the jaw bone around the mouth to the back of the jawbone on the other side and figure out how many stitches to cover those inches by your gauge.- sorry- I hope that helped!