Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Whimsical door chimes

Whimsical Door Chimes
• 2-US 8/ 4mm Double Pointed Needles
• 1 crochet hook OR a safety pin to pull yarn through holder
• 6 bells (I used 20 mm size) If you are using these to attract fairies use copper bells
• An assortment of beads, charms, sequins, ribbons, and other knit knacks you want to include.
• At least 100 yards of yarn- either bulky or worsted weight
• Various lengths of other yarn- probably no shorter than 20” each for chime portion. You will need 3 strands of either crochet thread or fingering weight yarn to attach the bells.
• Some sort of wooden shape to use for the sign- if not prepainted you will also need a paintbrush and paint, if it does not have a hole to attach, you will need tools to drill one.
• Permanent marker- I used a sharpie
• Darning needle
• Possibly thread and a sewing needle depending on the size of the hole in the charms chosen and the yarn weight chosen
• For Fairy chimes- 6 silk flowers- (the ones with the holes in the center)

Gauge: not important
K- knit P- purl sts- stitches BO- bind off
With the worsted or bulky weight yarn chosen for the doorknob hanging portion Cast on 1 stitch and either chain stitch or *k1, turn work, p1, turn work* until piece measures between 15-20”.
Using backwards loop cast on;

Cast on 7 stitches if using worsted weight yarn= 8 sts total.
Cast on 5 stitches if using bulky yarn= 6 sts total

Work these stitches in an icord (*knit all stitches, slide then back to the beginning of the needle*) until piece measures 6 “
Turn work and bind off all but 1 stitch purlwise (this will ensure the “ties” are on the same side of the work
With one remaining stitch either chain 1 or work the * k1, turn work, p1 turn work* until tie is the same length as the other side. Cut yarn and secure end. Pull piece length-wise to even out loose stitches from Icord.
Take the collection of ribbons and yarn, cutting the pieces between 20- 30 inches and with the crochet hook, pull these through the tube you just competed. Adjust as desired. Add the bells with the use of the darning needle and yarn that will fit through the bell’s hole. Securely knot into place. Add another bell in the same manner to the other end of the same strand of yarn. Repeat with all remaining bells. Attach sequins, charms, and beads as desired making sure they are all securely attached and have something of equal weight on the other end to balance it out.

*If using flowers with wire, you can adjust the length by curing them around your needle or hook.

Choose a saying and write it in pencil on the wooden sign to determine how to line up the words, then with the permanent marker, write over top. Once dried, erase any pencil markings.
Place tube portion over the doorknob with both ties down as though tying a bonnet. Pull one of the tails through the hole on your wooden sign and tie either into a bow or a loose knot (if you want the tails dangling). If your yarn is too thick to fit through the hole in your sign you can attach the sign with a piece of lace or thinner yarn, just tie it over your bow. Straighten out as desired and admire.
*The more dangling things you add, the lighter the bells will ring. Try adding more metal items to clank against the bells if you want more music. I added metal charms on top of the bells for one of them, it added a nice tingling sound.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Reversible Ribs

Reversible Ribs


*2 colors of Worsted weight yarn- I used Gala Worsted found at Odd Lots (about 1 oz of each color)

*Size 8 circular needles

*Size 8 DPNS

*1 stitch marker

With A CO 80 stitches and placing marker to indicate the start of the round Knit 1 row in the round -set up row- as *K1 P1*

1- With color B- *K1 below, purl 1 *repeat to end of row

2- With Color A- *K1, purl 1 below (as shown below)* repeat to end of row

Repeat rows 1-2. Knit to 8 inches, ending after row 2 and start decreases. You can knit longer for a slouchy hat, you can also lengthen the decreasing process, but to make it easy I wrote it in 2 rows.
*Note* you will need to knit tightly and carry both yarns when decreasing to make it reversible, as follows:

*With B k2tog (while maintaining the Knit 1 below)(holding A in back)
*With A purl next 2 stitches together (holding B in front)

*repeat around until the end of the row. You will probably need to switch to DPNs.
*Next row of decreases- you should have alternating colors on your needles now so you won't need to knit the stitch below
* slide 1st stitch. With B K2tog- holding A in back, With A p2tog holding B in front
cut a tail of both colors and thread them through the remaining stitches. tie off and weave in ends.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hat scarf

href="" imageanchor="1" >in-left: 1em;">
Pattern for hat is knit flat and then seamed together

Size 10.5 US needles- for hat
Size 15 US needles - for scarf
Bulky yarn- I used 1 skein (185 yds) of Lion Brand Homespun
* you can use 10.5 needles for the entire project, I just like a thick hat and looser scarf.

CO 60
knit in garter stitch (knit each row) until:

For round hat- 6.5 then start decreases as *K2TOG* repeat to end- 30 stitches
Knit 1 row
*K2TOG* repeat to end- 15 stitches
Knit 1 row
*K2OG* repeat to end 8 stitches
cut about a 15 inch tail and weave through 8 stitches, pull tight and seam up side

For earred hat- 8 inches then do 3 needle bind off and seam side.

Attach scarf by picking up 14 stitches on each side of hat with size 15 needles. I worked on each side at the same time so sides would be the same length. Knit in Garter stitch (knit each row) slipping the first stitch of each row for a finished look. Bind off when you run out of yarn.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Web projects- some better than others- click on picture for link

Butterbeer- this was pretty good, though not something I'd crave

I tried? And it looked so easy! I don't know what bathtub looks like that. A coworker said the bubbles looked like poop :(

It was halloween...they had candy corn.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Mountain Man bearded cap


size 8 circular needles, size 8 DPNs

CO 80 st join in round and knit 1 purl 1 (1x1 rib) for 2.5 inches

continue in Stockinette until 9.5 inches or desired length- I wanted a stocking cap look and made it tall

decrease- knit 10 PM continue all the way around

next round- knit 8 k2tog move marker- repeat for remaining stitches

continue knitting and decreasing before marker until you have 3 stitches between each marker

k3tog, move marker, repeat to the end of the row

with remaining 8 stitches break yarn and weave through stitches pulling tight.


Size 8 needles

CO 45 stitches

K1P1 for three rows

knit 16 BO13 knit 16 to end

knit 16 CO13 knit 16- 45 STS AGAIN

knit until 2 inches from the cast on edge- or until it covers the side of your face and BO 5 stitches at beginning, knit until end

turn, BO5 stitches knit until end

knit for 1/2 inch or desired length covering side of jaw- BO 5 stitches and knit until end

turn BO5 knit until end

knit another 1/2 inch or until desired length covering chin and BO all stitches

whip stitch to hat at fold on brim in desired location


Cut 6- (or more for a thicker mustache) stands of yarn- I made mine 12 inches long- and braid. whip stitch on to upper lip portion of beard.

ok- to answer Amanda's question (for some reason it it not letting me post a reply) I would cast on 60-72 stitches for a toddler's hat depending on how big the head is, but I don't know how many for the mustache, I would measure from the back of the jaw bone around the mouth to the back of the jawbone on the other side and figure out how many stitches to cover those inches by your gauge.- sorry- I hope that helped!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Floral Mittens

Materials needed:
2 colors of Worsted Yarn
Size 4 Knitting Needles
2 Small Buttons

With MC, CO 30 sts join in round on DPNs
K1 P1 for 4 rows
switch to CC continue k1 p1 for 4 more rows
Switch back to MC- knit 1 row
K 15 PM k1 m1 k1 k1 m1 PM knit 12 sts to end
knit 1 row
repeat increase row once more- should be 7 sts for thumb between markers
K to marker, place 7 sts on holder CO 1 stitch in gap and k to end 28 sts on needle
Knit until mitten is 3 inches from CO or until desired length is reached
decrease- K2tog all around- 19 sts.
Knit 1 row
K2tog all around k1 -10
Break yarn, thread through remaining sts. Pull tight and weave in ends.

PO 3 sts in gap and k sts on holder (10 sts)
knit 5 rows
Decrease - K2tog all around- 5 sts
Break yarn, thread through remaining sts. Pull tight and weave in ends.

Repeat for 2nd mitten- mittens can be worn on either hand.

CO 10 sts, join in round
knit 2 rows
K2tog all around- 5 sts
Break yarn, thread through remaining sts. Pull to draw together leaving a hole in middle big enough for button. Knot yarn to keep it from loosening up.

Decide where to place flower and sew on buttons, attach flower.

Optional: Crochet a chain st 24 inches long and attach to mittens